Technical Document Publishing in the Rail Industry

DT Publications has supplied the rail industry with technical publications support services for over 30 years. The rail industry persay has no independent documentation standard for maintenance or overhaul publications although a number of Rosco's and Operators have developed bespoke solutions. DT Publications have continued to work with companies such as (but not limited to) Siemens Plc, East Coast Main Line, Porterbrook Leasing and Angel Trains to identify the most efficient way of producing documentation which is critical to the operational maintainability of rolling stock in the UK.

Druid II and more recently Druid.NET have been developed for markets such as the rail industry. Druid.NET in particular has been created for "next generation documentation" with the ability to comply with most industry specifications.

DT Publications are experts in the production and delivery of rail related technical documentation this expertise translates very well with both Druid II and Druid.NET allowing quick and easy access to data.

Druid.NET is a browser based system that will allow rail companies to update information enabling the engineering teams to maintain the rolling stock reducing down time and improving train service and reliability. Access your data 24/7 by simply logging into your Druid.NET system and with real time updates your information will never be out of date.


Case studies

See how Siemens Rail UK has been using DRUID

ROSCOs and Train Operators that currently use Druid II to gain access to Druid.NET


What people are saying about Druid.NET

"Druid.NET is a logical development for the management of maintenance documentation, particularly in a multi-site or mobile environment. The system enables the maintainer to manage a single source of information, allowing the maintenance team to provide feedback and improvements in real time. The audit capability ensures that staff are briefed regarding any updates, and are aware of changes to the maintenance plan."

- Neil Heaton, UGL General Manager (Hong Kong)

If you have any questions about Druid.NET™, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Desk during office hours 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

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Using the DRUID high performance search engine, data can be retrieved in seconds, reducing the time and frustration trying to locate specific information. DRUID ensures the delivery of mission critical information to end-users with minimised risk, investment and on-going cost.

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